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Transfer Cases

Transfer Cases for All Needs at

Transfer cases are vital components of a 4-wheel drive system. However, failure is a definite reality. When your clients limp in with a damaged transfer case, getting it replaced so they can get back on the road (or off-road as the case may be) requires that you have the right supplier. can help ensure that you have everything you need, no matter what type of vehicle your customer drives.

A Variety of Transfer Case Types

One of the first things you’ll find with is that we offer a broad range of transfer cases. Whether you need components for a domestic vehicle or an import, we’ve got you covered. We offer Ford transfer cases, Chevy transfer cases, GM transfer cases, Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler transfer cases, Toyota, Mazda, Honda and Nissan transfer cases. Whether you’ve got a 4-wheel drive Ford F-150 on your hands or a Toyota Tacoma in need of a new transfer case, we can help.

Choose the Best Option has built a reputation for providing every powertrain component needed by our customers, and that holds true here as well. We’re proud to offer several different options when it comes transfer cases. Of course, you will also find rebuilt transfer cases and remanufactured transfer cases available from us too.

The power to choose here makes a very real difference to both you and your customer. For instance, remanufactured transfer cases are fully disassembled, thoroughly inspected for stripped threads, main shaft straightness and the condition of internal parts. We also conduct spin and water immersion testing, as well as full resurfacing. All of this is done on computerized equipment in a factory setting.

Rebuilt transfer cases are a bit different. Our rebuilt transfer cases have all the failed components replaced, the entire case cleaned and inspected, and a full test before we authorize them for sale.

Why Buy Transfer Cases from Us?

Why should you choose as your transfer case supplier of choice? Our longtime customers cite quite a few reasons for their continued loyalty. Those include our price – you will not find a lower price in the industry. Our volume allows us to supply the highest quality remanufactured transfer cases and rebuilt transfer cases for much less than the competition.

Of course, our customers also cite our expertise as a primary reason for forging a long-term relationship. Our expert technicians are happy to provide any help and guidance in selecting the right transfer case for any situation, make or model. Combine that with our huge selection, and you get a truly winning combination that our competitors can’t touch.

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